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My 30th birthday present to myself was to find a workshop that would refresh my brand, shooting style, and state of mind. I found all of those things from the #KaylaBarkerWorkshop. Matt and I had already planned to do a short trip to Paris sometime in July, so the workshop lined up with our plans perfectly! I flew into Paris then spent one evening and morning exploring a city that I soon fell in love with. That afternoon I took the train to Pointes where I met all of the excited workshop attendees. As we drove up to Chateau St. Julien, I realized what an amazing experience this was going to be and something that was going to change me forever!

The Creative Team:
Stylist: Stefanie Miles
Florals: Bows and Arrows
Film Scan & Developing: Indie Film Lab
Make-up & Hair: My Beauty Corner
Calligraphy: Written Word Calligraphy